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Star Quilt

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 by in Machine Work, Piecing, Quilts | 0 comments

Star Quilt

Dimensions: 78″ x 96″Star Quilt
Completed: October 2003

Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted

This quilt was made for my friend Travis who is got married on October 4. I started piecing this quilt (designed by Judy Martin) back in February, finished the top around May sometime, then it sat dormant waiting for the Magic Quilting Pixies to work their wonders. They didn’t! I basted and quilted this monster in 6 days! My machine (whose feed dogs can be lowered, but they come right back up again!) and I had a trial separation at the end of this project as I was ready to throw it out of an upstairs window… I finished it at my mother’s while she entertained my son.

Please excuse the nosy cat in the photo.

And the label:label


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