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Storm at Sea

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 by in Hand Work, Machine Work, Piecing, Quilts | 0 comments

Storm at Sea Quilt

Dimensions: 53″ x 74″Storm at Sea Quilt
Completed: September 2002

Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted

I made this quilt for my hubby Andrew’s 30th birthday. I sent out a whole heap of calico squares to a wide variety of people who have touched his life in some way – teachers, friends, family and his favourite singer.  Andrew loves the Storm at Sea arrangement, so I modified the pattern so I could use it in his quilt.

The hearts contain the squares from his immediate family members, and the red corners are his closest friends.  Some blocks took the creators many hours to make, and one of his friends even hand embroidered her block!

Storm at Sea BackThe back is made up of fabrics and photos that represent Andrew and his life.
The label is one of these blocks, and has a photo of the two of us taken on my 30th as the background.

The quilt was presented to Andrew at a surprise party I threw him in our own house in front of many of the people who made blocks.  I think they were more excited than Andrew!  He was also surprised to find his family had traveled from all over to share this event with him.

boyHere he is after the big revelation – I hung it across a beam so guests could inspect both sides of the quilt at the same time.  Andrew is the happy guy in the red shirt. He doesn’t remember much about the night as he had no idea it was happening – I told him since I was pregnant I didn’t have the energy to throw a party. Everybody arrived within 20 minutes of each other, as nobody wanted to miss the quilt unveiling!

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