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I Spy #2

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 by in Machine Work, Piecing, Quilts | 0 comments

I Spy Quilt

Dimensions: 95″ x 95″I Spy Quilt
Completed: November 2001

Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted

Well, I did it!  *grin*  This monster has over 400 I spy prints in it.  I wrestled it through my little Brother machine (don’t ask me how much swearing I did…)

This quilt was basically made for us to sit on when we go to outdoor events.  We like going to the Jazz at the Zoo (Melbourne Zoo is one of the best in the world, and they have a midsummer twilight concert series there) and outdoor movies/concerts etc.  This quilt will be laid out on a tarp and take up lots of ROOM so we can spread ourselves out! *grin*  When we get bored, we can also look for the things in the borders (but I remember where they all are, so I’m not allowed to play!)

ispydetailHere’s a close-up of the top right hand corner… you can sorta see where I have written in all the different things that can be found.  I also included “clues” – something cold, something starting with “B” etc.



duncienickispyHere is my friend Diana and her man having a snooze on it (I had just fed them). This is a better indication of the size of this thing.
(2015 – they got married many years ago and have 2 gorgeous kids now!)

I still like this picture of my quilt inspectors trying it out as a WIP though….


The quilt now lives with a lovely family with 2 little girls – I hope they like it! I went to Latvian school on Saturdays with their mum :-)



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