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I Spy #1

Posted on Mar 19, 2015 by in Machine Work, Piecing, Quilts | 0 comments


Dimensions: 56″ x 70″I Spy Quilt
Completed: April 2001

Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted

This quilt was made for a friend of mine (also a Natalie!) who had a baby (see pics!!) in late August.  She’s not a fan of patchwork, so I tried to make it as un-patchworky as I could.  I used a pattern I saw in Down Under Quilts.
The claims to fame for this quilt are that I meandered around the I spy fabrics when quilting (first time!!), and sewed straight through my left middle finger in the process!finger

This is the spot on the quilt where I quilted right through my finger!



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